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I am Tired!!!

This past weekend has proven how broken America really is. It seems like yesterday we were all making steps towards a better America. We worked on improving education, better healthcare, helping our vets, working on the true meaning of equality. Then one day, the wrong person was voted into office and everyday has been stressful.

It has only been six months and it feels like three years worth of drama. As an American, I don't know how much more we can take. I am pretty sure I can say that America doesn't know how much more it can take. At some point the stress becomes overwhelming.

For a group of people to be confident and comfortable enough to protest the fact that their race is superior is disgusting. Not only do they believe that their race is superior, but they also think that their religion is superior. This is a horrid image for many minority families to have. I have a little brother who is a black 14 year old. I worry about him whenever he goes outside, even if it's to the bus stop. To be honest, people who are racist don't seem to get that.

To those of you are "shocked", we are glad that finally choose to wake up and smell the dead roses. I am glad that you finally believe that a black president did not change the fabric of what this country was built off of.

When a president takes two days to denounce a white supremacist group, I think you know where he stands. The president has always shown his true colors and this is just another one revealed. If you are still trying to defend this man child, good luck!

I am tired of trying to explain the fact that racism still exist. I am tired of explaining why you can't touch my hair. I am tired of explaining why you as a white person can not use the "N" word. My community is tired, my mama is tired, and my grandma is tired. I am simply just over it!!!

#blackcommunity #SocialMedia #blackmen #blackwomen #blackhair #SJWS #racism #beingblack

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