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WHAATTTSSSS GOOOODDDD!!!!!! I missed u guys so much. I have been blogging on the Facebook part but even those post are scattered! I have so much too

update that is probably going to come in a little 2 or 3 parts; probably two. I don't that much to update about.

Anyways, so last time I was here, I was a vegetarian talking about those meals I discovered. Weell, there has kind of been a change of plans. I started eating chicken again; I know, I know, I am a trader.

But chicken is really the only meat I can eat. My diet is still very much a plant based diet...Kind of. I have been slacking very hard lately but I will work on that. I've also gotten a job in the last year. Its a job that brings in income, enough for me to eat. Although I work in retail, it kind of brought back my love of fashion. Seeing new clothes all the time brings me soo much joy that I want to be in the industry. I just don't what part.

Lastly, I am still natural! I am not as strict as I was in the beginning. Although, I probably need too. For the winter months my hair has been in protection mode so I will bring some post about hair. Ya girl also has some edge game, be on the look out for that.

That is really it!! I really want to get back to making blog post. I have so much fun and it is the way I express myself. I will be doing some updates on the website and I just might change the name, be on the look out for that!!

Be sure you guys follow me on ALL social media. Especially Instagram, ya girl stay posting on the gram!

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