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Put some respect on her name!

Today, I wanted to talk Congresswoman Frederica Wilson. Every time I hear about her, she is always being drag through the mud as a woman who is only in it to get money or fame. Mainly people on the right always talk about this woman as if she is on here for her political gain. I find this VERY disrespectful to her as a woman and a member of Congress. First off, let's get this lady name pronounced correctly. If you need a correct pronunciation, there is a video below. Also, the Congresswoman has been a family friend for years. So, for those of you who think she just popped in the picture, she didn't. She and the widow are also telling the same story because they were both in the car when they received the phone call from Trump. I would also like to address the disrespect she has received about being a Congresswoman. People are stating false things about her character, discrediting her, and trying to bring her down. Yet, there is evidence of her trying to make a change among our young black men. The fact that mainly MEN are stating these things about her proves that they do not have any respect for her. I think even if she was a white woman, she would still face the same discriminatory language as far as being a Congresswoman. So now as a black woman, the language is even harsher and this Congresswoman deserves more respect. The same way you would give a Congressmen the respect he deserves. No one questions a man's motives as harsh as they did to Congresswoman Frederica Wilson. Please show this woman more respect as a four term serving senator. The way she has been talked about lately is ugly and disrespectful.

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