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True Colors Revealed!!!

These last couple of weeks has really made people bold. Again, black people are being told how to feel when it comes to racism. People, once again, are defending racist but tells black people "stop being sensitive" or "quit pulling the race card". Although time and time again society has proven other wise.

First off, charlottesville has been the topic for about two weeks now. Everybody wants to act surprise when a bunch of racist come together to defend the phrase "make america great again". There was no police there to even watch the event but every time there was a black lives matter protest, the SWAT team was there. Even though it's not Donald Trumps fault, he allowed these types of people to be outspoken about how they really feel about the country. Trump had multiple chances to fix it the first time and did not want too. That wack ass second statement wasn't even real, CLEARLY!

Then Kim Kardashian trying to tell black woman how to feel about Jeffre Star. For those you who are not aware, Jeffere Star is a make up influencer who has made racist and misogynistic statements against black women. Kim decides to take to social media to tell black people to stop dwelling on the past and lets move forward. When she got flack for her statement, it was then she chose to apologize and claim she wasn't aware of the depth of the situation. Kim had no right telling people, more specifically black women, to "get over it". Although I don't think Kim is racist she chose to spoke out of complete ignorance which is unacceptable.

Black people are always told to get over something, even though it keeps happening. Black people are always told to "stop pulling the race card" but there is four hundred years and continuing evidence that proves I need to pull the "race card". Unless, you know exactly what black people go through everyday in America and around the world, don't tell me what to do or how to feel!

The lesson today is to believe people the first time they show you who they are because most times that is who they really are.

#racism #beingblack #blackcommunity #blackwomen #supporteachother #SJWS #blackamerica #truecolors

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